C# API : Unable to find batch with id batchId-xx-xx-xx

Hi everybody,

I'm having trouble uploading files with the Uploader object. Here's how I do it : I have a class dedicated to managing REST operations in which I created the methods.

  • At instanciation : public TransferFactory(Client client){ uploader = client.Uploader().SetChuncked(true).SetChunkSize(1024); }

  • Files import :

    public void ImportFile(string[] pathes, Document folder)
        System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Run(async () =>
            await uploader.AddFiles(pathes).UploadFiles();
            Documents documents = (Documents) await uploader.Operation("FileManager.Import")
                                           .SetContext("currentDocument", folder.Path)

When I need to create a folder, (not described here method) it works well. But when I need to upload files, I have the error : C# API : Unable to find batch with id batchId-xx-xx-xx

Any help would be welcome, Thank's in advance !

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I finaly found what was going wrong.

The uploader was created once at instanciation and it seems that it disappears during the processing of my program. I guess it's killed for security reason or anything.

So the answer was : Create a new uploader each time the ImportFile method is called.

That's it, thanks for your reflexion.

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