IPTC Extension metadata support (e.g. "artwork shown")

Does the metadata extraction from images include the IPTC Extension fields?

These fields include for example artworks and locations shown in a photograph.

Reference: IPTC Core & Extension

Where do I find the source code for that in the nuxeo repositories?

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I do not believe those specific fields are included in the metadata extraction. Take a look at the nuxeo-platform-imaging-api and nuxeo-platform-imaging-core packages and search for IPTC and you will find the references/classes of interest. I ended up overriding the PictureChangedListener to extract all the metadata necessary for a media client – this also necessitated updating the underlying metadata-extractor library.

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Thank you, Bruce.

There was also a project for the Indianapolis Museum of ArtIMA on github

I am curious, whether they had a similar request.


I took at quick look at their Nuxeo projects and doesn't look as though they have this requirement (at least within the Nuxeo modules).

It will be nice if there is an add-on to display all kinds of picture's, video's, audio's metadata (something similar to what Adobe Bridge has) which includes, but not limited, to File Properties, IPTC Core, IPTC Extension, Camera Data (EXIF), GPS, Audio, Video, DICOM, Mobile SWF, and most importantly the KEYWORDS. And be able to search these metadata and have them as a search form…