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Hi everybody,

I create a minor version (0.1) to solve that 0.0 is never archived. Is it possible to change version label to 0.0 although the real versios is 0.1?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Florent,

I explain all the process to be ensure of your answer. I create a minor version of a document that this version will be archived (0.0 not archive, as you say is a “inital draft”).This accion will be transparent to the user, and they see 0.1 version instead of 0.0. I cant change the version label of this document, dont you?


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It's possible to change the version numbers used by using a different versioning service class. You can register one using the versioningService extension point. You have to subclass the StandardVersioningService. All this however assumes that you know your way around Java code.

Hi Florent, I'd like to do the same thing for CMIS querying without retrieve "allVersions"… is there some sort of guide for handling this extensions in Nuxeo IDE/Eclipse? Thanks!

No it's not possible.

And note that “0.0” should be thought of as “initial draft”, it's not really a version, because it can change.

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