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When I do a query in cmis and not check “search all versions” in the program “CMIS QUERY-Nuxeo Repository default”, the documents that have the version 0.0 are not shown. I'm using nuxeo 5.7.1, and the query is “SELECT * FROM cmis:document”

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Vicmator

where you write your CMIS query to Worklist? and how to make the call?

Thank you


If you don't check “search all versions” then it means “search latest version” (per CMIS spec, But documents in version 0.0 in Nuxeo are drafts, they are not versioned yet, so you won't find them using such a query.

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Thanks Florent Guillaume.

Could you tell me how I have to do the query to shown the documents which have the version 0.0?

Thanks in advance.


See CMIS for Nuxeo, section "Nuxeo specific system properties". You can use nuxeo:isVersion = false.

Thanks Florent Guillaume,

I have tried to use nuxeo:isVersion=false and not shown the result. The result only appears when I check the option "search all versions" using the query "SELECT * FROM cmis:document where nuxeo:isVersion=false".

Thanks in advance.


Yes that's how it's supposed to work.