"Server Error : Failed to invoke operation FileManager.Import" when importing a .txt. file

I think I might have encountered a bug when importing a text file into a social workspace. The file is named “Working Notes.txt”, edited on Ubuntu with gedit and saved in “Western (ISO-8859-15)” encoding, with just two lines of contents:

Nuxeo server address:
Mail server address:

It's just a note for convenience.

I tested the follows:

  1. drop it into a normal workspace - OK

  2. drop it into a folder under a normal workspace - OK

  3. drop into a private social workspace, of which the user is a member, got:

    Server Error : Failed to invoke operation FileManager.Import

  4. drop into a folder under a private social workspace, got same error

  5. rename the file into “Working Notes.dat” and do 3. and 4. again - OK

It seems to me this might be a bug. Please let me know if you need any further information.


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What errors do you get in the server logs when the Failed to invoke operation message appears?

Ok I reproduced and the error is:

Cannot create document of type Note in container with type SocialWorkspace

This should be fixed, I opened the ticket NXP-10795.

Thanks for the report.

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Try to change a file encoding to “utf-8”. NoteImporter accepts only “utf-8” and “iso-8859-1”.

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