I want to get the Workflow started automatically as soon as the any asset is uploaded....I want to achieve it through REST api.....Can anyone please help mw with this???

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If you want to start a workflow with REST this is the right documentation :

POST http://NUXEO_SERVER/nuxeo/api/v1/id/{documentId}/@workflow

if you want the workflow to start automatically, you have to create an event listener

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Thanks pibou Bouvret.

Hi, You can consult the link : https://doc.nuxeo.com/810/nxdoc/workflow-task-endpoints/.

it may be able to help you

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I am able to create workflow and tasks on an asset(Using the link which you have mentioned) but I want that the Workflow should be created automatically as soon as the upload is completed.(This is not available there).

explain to me ? you want to create it or start. Because the creation of the workflow is done at the Studio of Nuxeo.

If you want to start it, it's done by implementing an operation that starts the WF.


For now I just want to start it…..using REST api without Nuxeo Studio.

Workflow should start automatically as soon as the asset uploading is done.