How to migrate database from MSSQL to PostgreSQL

Hi guys,

I decided to change the database type for some performance issues. I am using mssql for the database. Now, I want to use postgresql. This is a test environment but I have to change the production environment at the end.

I can see a lot of data structure differently between two databases as far as. It will be really hard and painful to do that. Do you have any idea how can I do easily way to do that?

For example ;

select * from ancestors a





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Hi Gregory,

Thank you for your interest. I don't need to just data import. I need to migrate users, groups, permissions and domain-workspace hierarchy. As you see I need all of them.

The document link below does not cover our situation.

Could I get professional support from you about this?

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The easiest way, I think, is to have two Nuxeo instances, one with MySQL and the other with Postgres, and perform data migration, rather than using the same instance with two different databases. You shouldn't care anyway about the way Nuxeo stores the document property within the database: what matters is the way you need to retrieve information, and it is always the same (NXQL, Java API, REST API…), independently of the database vendor.

Check Choosing How to Import Data in the Nuxeo Platform


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