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good afternoon I'm working with learning Nuxeo however numerous doubts began to emerge and that is why I am in this channel. Below I expose few and of course if you can help me I'll be very grateful.

  1. use case: I have a machine like Nuxeo installed, having workspace, users, groups, files, however, realized using postgresql backup, and restored on another computer even if you really vereificar restoring from backup would work, surprise, the files were not backup and also worspace structure. What solution to this problem?

  2. Added files in the workspace, are stored in the database or in a folder espcifica of Nuxeo. If you are in the database, I can visualize them, if it in a folder which path it.

  3. As you already noticed we are concerned with data security. So how can I save all my files in parameters and a unit STORAGE.

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2) Files (called “blobs”) are not stored in the database but on the filesystem (see the “data” and “binaries” directories in the documentation).
3) The directory where those binaries are stored is configurable. See the Setup documentation.

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And for the explanation of the db structure + storage organization, see this.

About binary storage, see the section Files and binaries.


Did you follow this documentation for the backup restore ?

And I'm sorry, I don't understand your point 2. and 3.

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