upgrate nuxeo 5.6 to 5.8

hello I just made a migration nuxeo nuxeo 5.8 to 5.6, the files in the workspace are present, for against the files are empty


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By default binaries (attached files) are stored in the nxserver/data/binaries directory of the server. If you replaced the whole existing 5.6 server tree by the new 5.8 one you migt have lost this directory. That's why we recommand to externalize the configuration, data and logs when setting up a Nuxeo instance, see Moving Configuration, data and log Directories Outside Nuxeo in the documentation center.

If you have a backup of the server before migration you can always restore the binaries folder to the new server.

Hope this helps.

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there is good I see my files in folders against the Version 5.8 I do not see the image (jpg) that I had in version 5.6!! And when I want to create a new document in the version 5.8 it offers me the type file and note type