Upgrade from 5.6 >> 5.8 - How to preserve custom vocabulary?

Ubuntu 12.04

I've tried an upgrade from 5.6 to 5.8. In 5.6 I've got a lot of custom vocabulary entries, mainly under coverage and subtopic fields.

When upgrading, the whole custom entries are lost and can not be selected any more for a given document.

I've checked the database (postgresql) and found the custom entries as well as in the Admin center. Anyway, nuxeo is looking somewhere else to retrieve it.

This is preventing us from upgrading to the new LT version.

Any hint is welcome


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if you found the custom entries after checking your PostgreSQL database, it means your Nuxeo 5.6 is correctly connected to the DB. But your Nuxeo 5.8 seems to use the embedded database. Could you check your configuration (nuxeo.conf, jdbc/nuxeo resource in conf/server.xml)?

Yes, nuxeo 5.8 is using postgresql. All my documents, users… have been correctly retrieved in 5.8.

Anyway, I've tried a new fresh 5.8 install for testing with the embedded db. There is something strange. In the admin, I've created a new vocabulary coverage entry. Yet, it is not found when I try to assign it to a document. It seems like a bug.



5.8 now uses localized vocabularies for coverage and subjets. So the default widget configuration switched :

  • from coverage vocabulary to l10ncoverage
  • from topic/subtopic vocabularies to l10nsubjects

You'll probably need to override this default configuration. The widgets definition for “coverage” and “subjects” can be found here: http://explorer.nuxeo.org/nuxeo/site/distribution/Nuxeo%20Platform-5.8/viewContribution/org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layouts.webapp--widgets

Kind regards, Thierry

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