Populating a text field with dimensions of a Picture document based on the Picture document selected from another field in AJAX fashion


     I am not sure how to accomplish this :

I have a “Single Document Suggestion” widget which shows a list of “Picture” documents. As soon as the user selects a picture document from the drop down the “path” gets set against the field. So far so good.

Now what I want is once the user selects the “Picture” document I want to retrieve its dimensions (ex:- 1024x654) and set it in another text field. The link “https://doc.nuxeo.com/display/NXDOC/How+to+Impact+Another+JSF+Component+from+a+Command+or+Select” which provides some help in accomplishing this. But I have the following questions if I want to follow this approach. 1) How do I populate the select box with “Picture” documents in the first place (the example gets the values for the drop down from “#{themeConfigurationActions.getAvailableFlavors(themeActions.defaultTheme)}“). But in my case I want the list of Pictures from a folder. So where to write this Java code ?

2) Do I have to create a widget of type template and create sub widgets for the text box inside that widget in order to accomplish this? Why is this constraint ?

Is there any other way to accomplish this ?

Thanks & Regards, Mohamed

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