Let’s Talk About Software Upgrades

In the software world, we know there is a love/hate relationship with software upgrades. They are necessary as the entry point for new releases, bug fixes, security updates, and improved user experiences…AND, can also be a disruption to current process and known/depended on functionality.

Please take this 1-2 minute survey to help us understand your expectations as a valued customer, partner and community member as we seek ways to understand and improve the software upgrade experience all together at Hyland.

There are two ways you can take this survey:

1- Take a picture of this with your mobile device and instantly be brought into the survey to fill out.

type an image title

2- Click here to instantly be brought into the survey to fill out.

Stay tuned! We will be posting the survey results and sharing back to the Hyland Community in a follow up blog with 1. what we learned from you (our customers, partners, and community members) and 2. what we plan on changing in the future to improve the experience.

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