Max Buffer Size for Images on nuxeo/api/v1/upload/ Endpoint

Hi there,

We are using the upload endpoint (nuxeo/api/v1/upload/) to migrate some images into Nuxeo.

Is there a max buffer size for binaries that sit in the batch upload? Can this be configured?

Thanks, Lynn

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There is no such thing. The uploaded binaries are directly streamed to a temporary file via the IOUtils#copy method from Apache commons-io, for which the Javadoc states:

This method buffers the input internally, so there is no need to use a BufferedInputStream.

But maybe you are thinking of a maximum storage size on the file system for the uploaded binaries?

If this is the case you can contribute a specific configuration for the underlying “BatchManagerCache” TransientStore and adjust the targetMaxSizeMB and absoluteMaxSizeMB parameters.

To do so you would have to put a new file like changing the component name and declaring the “BatchManagerCache” store in a custom template.

Hope this helps.

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