Opening and Saving Files via WebDav on Mac OSX Produces duplicate files with ._ extension

I am running an instance of Nuxeo 5.5 as a virtual machine, and I've been testing out WebDav support on the Macintosh. When I open MS Office documents using the Finder and save them, the files are being duplicated with a . prefix. In other words, “TestFile.docx” becomes “.TestFile.docx” and “” in Nuxeo. When I view these files in the Finder, they look fine, but in the Nuxeo UI, they don't. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

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To start, the Mac OS X operating system is known to litter FTP and other such sites with hidden info files (the infamous .(dot) files) like .DS_Store and also duplicates of opened files which contain the resource fork information for the files ( You will find certain programs copy the info, like Finder, and other lower level tools do not, like (s)cp ).

You can use a program like TinkerTool to disable the creation of these files over the network.

Another option you have is to pull files from your Mac, rather than pushing files. SSH works well for this. You can also use something like Filezilla, which should not copy the resource forks.

To make sure that none make it, set up a simple cron job to wipe them out when they appear. Run it nightly, and you should be fine. The one-liner, run from the folder you want to clean (also suitable for cron, change the “.” to the volume's path):

find . -name ._* -exec rm '{}' ';'

For more information on the topic, and also more fixes: Apple Article - or Resource Forks

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