Files named "undefined" when dropped?

When I drag/drop a file into a space, it's uploaded correctly and its MIME-type is right (at least with Windows clients, Linux ones are still a problem here). But the file name stays “undefined”. Then I can rename the document, but inside the file keeps its “undefined” name.

Is this an expected behaviour, and if not how could I get rid of this?

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It sounds like a bug. Can you please open a jira issue and attach a sample file that triggers this behavior?

I'd be glad to, but it's actually every file type that fails. Tried with PDF files, OpenDocument files, text files…

can you give us a bit more information about your configuration (nuxeo version and distribution, Nuxeo host OS, Drag'n drop version if you are using the old one, browser version(s), ….)

Thanks you for submitting this bug. It will be fixed in the next release of Nuxeo DM, or already in a snapshot version

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Well, thanks for being so quick :)

Just for the records and the sake of completeness, this happens on Nuxeo 5.4.2, running on Debian Squeeze. The client is Firefox (6 and 7) on Windows XP 32 bits. The drag'n'drop is the native one (no plugin anymore).