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Hello everyone, For some reason, drag and drop upgrading of a file version works fine in DM, (PDF, zip files etc..) but I get a double copy of files with png extentions: Say I import “myfile.png” in “myfolder”, which then contains “myfile.png”, if I later drag and drop a modified version of the same file, through drag and drop, I then have two “myfiles.png” in “myfolder”.

This is odd for two reasons:

-The second png files shoud have a different name (such as “myfile(2).png”

-If I do the same with a PDF file, the first file is nicely upgraded, and I get a version number+1. Why does it screw up with png?


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You can either get the latest build or wait for the Nuxeo 5.6.0-HF06. From your Admin Center page you can install the package, or download it from here: when available.

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Waoo! Thas was fast!

Does it need a re-install or a simple pasting of a file (for my admin..)


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Thanks for the report. The right behavior is the PDF one: when dropping a file, a minor version is created.

It was a bug from the image importer, it's been fixed today in this ticket:

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