install Nuxeo EP as a windows service

I have to install nuxeo EP as a windows service. I read document on the following link:

It says, Using the Tomcat distribution of Nuxeo, you will find a service.bat script in the bin directory that could be adapted to install Nuxeo as a Windows service.

Can anyone elaborate this? How it can be adapted? I am able to install tomcat6 as a windows service but I need to install nuxeo as a windows service.

Any kind of help will be appreciated.

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The recommended solution for windows service is Yet Another Java Service Wrapper. It's easier than trying to modify tomcat service.bat file.

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I know its easy and a ready made solution :) but its a restriction from my team lead that I cant use it :(

If you really want to adapt the Tomcat service.bat, then you'll have to understand how nuxeoctl.bat and the Launcher works. If you look at the logs, you will see the Java command which is called. All the required parameters need to be set either in the service command, either in the script called by the service.

You could look at how the same job has been done for JBoss a few years ago (note a lot of things have changed since that time).

I hope you will contribute back if you succeed in adapting the service.bat.