DB Perfomances: what does this call do ? "SELECT nx_update_read_acls()"

We observe a substantial time consumption logged this function in PostgreSQL.

Is this something that can be deactivated for a mass data import and executed at the end once?

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About the title question, an answer can be found here, about the `aclr_modified` table:

> This table is filled while a set of ACL modifications are in progress, and when the Nuxeo session is saved the stored procedure NX_UPDATE_READ_ACLS is called to recompute what's needed according to hierarchy_modified_acl, which is then emptied.

No idea how to disable it temporarily to run it once at the end, though.


You could try overriding default-repository-config.xml and setting <aclOptimizations enabled="false" /> or better yet follow these instructions for mass import.

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