Can I have a directory .csv data file outside my plugin jar?

My application is a plugin on top of nuxeo platform (5.6). I define users with a SQLDirectory created from a .csv file.

I'd like to add/remove users in production context by simply editing the .csv file and restarting nuxeo server. But as long as this file is inside my plugin jar, I must recomplile the JAR…

I've thought of a solution to create an extension point for my plugin for users imports using directories management API, but I'm hoping there is a much simpler way to achieve the same without coding. Is there? Thanks.

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Have you tried putting the .csv file in nxserver/config/ ? I can't try right now it but there's a good chance it could work. Otherwise no, that's not possible today.

I've checked and it works, thanks a lot!

put .csv file in nxserver/config/

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