Can Nuxeo be used as a third-party archiving solution?

Hi all,

Please, can you tell me if Nuxeo can be used as a third-party archiving solution ?

We want to use is as a storage space for an application but we don't know if it has been desgined for a long time storing.


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Yes, Nuxeo can be used as a third-party archiving solution. If follows the standard CMIS protocol, as well as WebDAV and other specific REST APIs described in the documentation.

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Oh great ! It means that Nuxeo implements ISO 14641-1 standard ?

Or it only could be used to store document and I have to develop an app wich uses nuxeo rest api to manage content and must implement this ISO standard ?



I don't know about ISO 14641-1. This is probably a standard that an application using Nuxeo can support, but not directly Nuxeo itself at the moment.

Ok thank you very much