Wrong display of Notes in text/plain

I have documents of type note in the format text (more precise: <note:mime_type>text/plain</note:mime_type>).

Nevertheless when the document is shown in WEBUI it is assumed to be rendered as mark down. See screen shots (first shows the rendered document, second shows the source code). In my example the three dashes makes the line above to a header, which I do not want in a plain text file. I just want to display the text as it is, including the carriage returns.

Is this a bug or what is wrong with my setup?

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Not sure what version you are in, but I just tried in LTS 2021.17.14 (latest hotfix release) and I get the same behavior. This seems like a bug, but it doesn't really surprise me because there are a lot of issues with displaying notes correctly. Nuxeo should improve this feature so it is useful. For example, editing content for any type of note (except HTML) should change to use a monospace font, and viewing XML and text should also use a monospace font as well.

In my opinion, this probably warrants a bug ticket.


I 100% agree with you. I compiled the system from the Git repo. So I have the cutting edge version.

Unfortunately, I have no account in Jira. My understanding is that only members of Nuxeo Connect can create tickets. So I like to ask you to do the work with the bug ticket. 1000 Thanks!


This has now been resolved in the latest hot fixes. (HF63 for LTS2019)

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I opened a bug ticket for this issue. The reference is (although you don't have access to see it): https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/SUPNXP-39897

No idea when/if this will get resolved, but at least it has awareness now.

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