How can I integrate my JVM 1.4 compliant application with Nuxeo?

Nuxeo as a service platform provides several integration options like through Nuxeo webservices and REST API. But all the Nuxeo integration solutions require the client to be integrated with application that is atleast JVM 1.5 compliant. I have spent days making Nuxeo automation client and Nuxeo JAX-WS client JVM 1.4 compliant, but no luck.

The thing is that, the application with which we want to integrate Nuxeo is running on JVM 1.4 and the application cannot be shifted to JVM 1.5 as our client cannot afford any infrastructure changes due to deployment and several other issues.

We are stuck. Please help us out is there any way to integrate Nuxeo client (Automation or Webservice) on our JVM 1.4 compliant application?

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You can make by hand the rest request this is not hard at all. You can use any library that helps you to create requests (there is lot I think) and parsing the JSON with Jackson must be also simple. There maybe some other more smart solution but this one is really simple. You will lose the request validation of our client, but that's the price of your legacy. :(

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I am able to integrate Nuxeo with my JVM 1.4 compliant application now :)

I used Rational Software Architect to generate JAX-RPC client and Axis client giving NuxeoRemotingService wsdl to it.

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