Restore Workspaces and Files Between Full Nuxeo Instances

Is there a way to configure Nuxeo to restore another Nuxeo instance's users and workspaces based on what was written in a SQL table?

We are having trouble with the following scenario for our application: We have a number of users, each with their own credentials. Each user is allocated their own MySQL table (named based on their credentials) in the shared MySQL instance. When a user creates a EC2 machine through our app, Nuxeo is provisioned and configured to use this table. But after a while, the user's machine may be shut down after some cleanup process. However, the MySQL instance stays up.

We want the user to be able to create another machine using their same credentials, and we want the new Nuxeo instance that comes with the machine to restore their original workspace based on the info stored in their existing MySQL table. Is there a way to configure Nuxeo to read the MySQL table and restore the user's workspace and files?

At the moment, attempting to reuse the table results in the following error: org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.PropertyException: Cannot get blob info for <some_hex> (The full stack trace looked like the one described at , but our overall goal is different.)

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Found out about the Amazon S3 Online Storage Add-On for Nuxeo at Storing the Nuxeo binaries in S3 helped me solve my problem!

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