Problem trying to connect sql server 2012 express

Hi everybody,

in the Nuxeo Platform Installation Wizard, when I'm setting the data base configuration parameters, I receive the message: Failed to connecto to the database. Ensure that the database is running and the parameters are correct.

I can make the connection with same parameters in other programs, but not with this wizard. In the server.log appears this message:

2015-02-09 18:53:47,078 WARN  [http-bio-] [org.nuxeo.wizard.RouterServlet] java.sql.SQLException: Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect

Both, the nuxeo and sql server are in the same computer on W2008 server r2.

any idea?

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What kind of connection parameters are you using? Without more info or logs we can't help.

Note that you didn't even specify which Nuxeo version you're testing.

I am using Nuxeo 7.2 and MSSQL Express 2012. Both Nuxeo and MSQLSQL EXpress are installe din the same machine. I can connect to SQL Server using SQLServer Management stuido 2012.

But not from Nuxeo AdMIn ->setup Always getting the error - Failed to connect on database. Check the database is running and the parameters are correct

I have created the empty database called -“nuxeo”

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