Search result for non administrative users

Can somebody please explain how the search works because I think I misunderstand. I have an old Nuxeo instance which I'm trying to upgrade to a new versions. My issue; Then I log-in as an Administrative user, and I got to the search page, then my search yields results in all my documents. When I do the same with a user with different privileges, the same search yields no results. It seems like a scope or rights issue but I can just not figure out how to configure it properly.

I know it's an old version and I'm hoping to update it to a more recent release. Hope somebody can still help me to wrap my head around this issue. Thank you.

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The search results do take into account the ACLs on the documents returned by the search query. I'd start by examining the Permissions tab of a document that the Administrative user is able to access from the search results, check to see which users and groups have Read permissions on it, and then make sure the non-Administrative user is a member of one of those groups.