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Is it possible to update the document name (not the title) and path ?


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Gregory Carlin Ghazi Hakim I'm pretty sure Document.Move lets renaming the document

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I don't want to move the document just to rename it. It will be saved in the document history as "move operation" but it's not really a move, it's just a "rename operation". I resolved my problem using a custom attribute in my document type : my_schema:path .. and I stopped using ecm:name and ecm:path attributes.

Good you've found your way :) Just to keep the information loop, Document.move without the target path specification is essentially a rename. But yes, it would be audited as "move".


Using Nuxeo automation, it is not possible as those properties are protected. The only way to manually set a document name or path is by using the Document.Create operation or through the Structure Templates.

Maybe you can achieve it with Java code.


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I am sorry but I never thought that I would find this in Nuxeo which is supposed to be the best ECM ever ! There is a simple and basic rule in any type of tree structure : you change the folder name => the path must be changed ! There is NO SENS in having two properties for the document : title and name. I am really disappointed.

Please try to be respectful here. We are a happy community and no one pretends Nuxeo is the best solution. Having two properties makes totally sense, as it is for other ECM platforms I worked with. The dc:title property is mainly use for end users, the ecm:name property is a technical property, generated when a document it created, and used to build the ecm:path. Hopefully the path doesn't change if the title is updated ! What would happen if you move a document or rename a document in this case? What would happen to people having the URL saved in the bookmarks?