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Is it possible to update the document name (not the title) and path ?


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Using Nuxeo automation, it is not possible as those properties are protected. The only way to manually set a document name or path is by using the Document.Create operation or through the Structure Templates.

Maybe you can achieve it with Java code.


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I am sorry but I never thought that I would find this in Nuxeo which is supposed to be the best ECM ever ! There is a simple and basic rule in any type of tree structure : you change the folder name => the path must be changed ! There is NO SENS in having two properties for the document : title and name. I am really disappointed.

Please try to be respectful here. We are a happy community and no one pretends Nuxeo is the best solution. Having two properties makes totally sense, as it is for other ECM platforms I worked with. The dc:title property is mainly use for end users, the ecm:name property is a technical property, generated when a document it created, and used to build the ecm:path. Hopefully the path doesn't change if the title is updated ! What would happen if you move a document or rename a document in this case? What would happen to people having the URL saved in the bookmarks?

Hello Gregory Carlin , thank you for your response, and sorry if I looked disrespectful. I understand your arguments. I am not really using Nuxeo Web UI in my project, I am just using Nuxeo Java Client in my application to communicate with the Server. I finally created my custom "path" attribute in my custom Document Type, and it's populated using the events (before creation, before update, etc ..). Regards.

Gregory Carlin Ghazi Hakim I'm pretty sure Document.Move lets renaming the document

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I don't want to move the document just to rename it. It will be saved in the document history as "move operation" but it's not really a move, it's just a "rename operation". I resolved my problem using a custom attribute in my document type : my_schema:path .. and I stopped using ecm:name and ecm:path attributes.

Good you've found your way :) Just to keep the information loop, Document.move without the target path specification is essentially a rename. But yes, it would be audited as "move".