Studio update loses web page format information.

Using version 5.5 of CAP/DM.

When I perform a Studio update and click on Document Management tab format information (CSS?) seems to be missing. The Document Management page is displayed with NO format just links and text. Refresh of the page causes correct format to appear.

Doing a Studio update and upon completion refreshing the Admin Center screen causes the screen to lose format, another refresh causes correct format to appear.

I cleared the “themes” directory and restarted which had no effect on the problem.

Same issue using both FIREFOX/Linux and Safari/ipad.

I'm not a web page person so: What's happening here?

Is it related to? –»

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This is tracked by the jira issue NXS-873: CSS content is cached by the browser, so you need to force reload of the page for changes to apply. We'll work on it but fix will be on Nuxeo side, not on Studio's. It is part of the hot reload improvements that need to be done.

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