Angular - Unable to read file after upload file with nuxeo-js-client - [SOLVED]

Hi, After uploading file (JavaScript File) through my service using nuxeo-js-client, I have this error on nuxeo server's document preview and in adobe reader (see attached) :

PDF.js v1.5.188 (identifiant de compilation : 0e2d50f)
Message : Invalid PDF structure

How can I avoid this issue ?

Thanks for help

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> How can I avoid this issue ?

Do not upload PDF files? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Joke aside, how do you want us to help you if you give no info about how you upload the file? How you attach it to a document? …


Hi Thomas,

The thing is, I changed the file input to 'ng-file-model' module for 'angular-file-model' module and this last seems conserve file as a JavaScript File where the ng-file-model module transforms the file I guess. I give you more about the problem if it appears again.

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Hi Thomas,

This issue is solved by using angular-file-model module.


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