How can the message from Seam.AddInfoMessage be displayed?

If I use the operations Seam.AddInfoMessage and/or Seam.AddErrorMessage in a chain then the message is not displayed. Do I have to signal a state or is there another missing configuration?

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Can you change your question and tell us a bit more to let us help you (on which contexte you try to use it, the chain you did, etc…)

The original chain can be seen <a href="">here</a>. The actual chain looks like this:

&lt;chain id=&quot;CreateProjectAcknowledgement&quot;&gt;
  &lt;operation id=&quot;Seam.CreateDocumentForm&quot;&gt;
    &lt;param type=&quot;string&quot; name=&quot;type&quot;&gt;ProjectAcknowledgement&lt;/param&gt;
  &lt;operation id=&quot;Seam.AddErrorMessage&quot;&gt;
    &lt;param type=&quot;string&quot; name=&quot;message&quot;&gt;Failed.&lt;/param&gt;
  &lt;operation id=&quot;Seam.AddInfoMessage&quot;&gt;
    &lt;param type=&quot;string&quot; name=&quot;message&quot;&gt;Success.&lt;/param&gt;

Do you need more informations? I can provide the complete configuration if necessary (e.g. -type.xml, -ui-type.xml, *-actions.xml).


This is a bug in the user interface of Nuxeo. The message is displayed in the left bottom corner of the browser window. If you use Google Chrome and your mouse pointer is over a link (e.g. an action button from Nuxeo) then this is the place where Google Chrome shows the address/target of the link information. The address information always overlaps the message shown by Nuxeo.

So the operations work but the web interface has a small usability bug.

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Note that we're planning on improving this, see