What does the SNAPSHOT branch means in marketplace addons ?


some addons seem to have two branches for a given version of Nuxeo (Drive, Quota), so that the installation of the SNAPSHOT version is not really an upgrade but implies to uninstall the previous version.

In my case, I m running Quota 1.2.0 on my 5.8 server and I d like to try Quota 1.2.1 SNAPSHOT :

what are the risks and benefits of taking the “SNAPSHOT way” ?

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A SNAPSHOT is, as its name implies, a snapshot of a program/package/function at the moment it was created. With its added functionalities and improvements or corrections, but also its flaws and no bug-free guarantee. For “Quota 1.2.1 SNAPSHOT”, it is an “in progress” version for the 1.2.1 version, but not the 1.2.1 version itself, that should come at a later point.

Risks: no one tells you it is stable, some more recent snapshots may be created for the aimed version. May contain bugs and if you choose to use it and get troubles, you're on your own. Benefits: if some issues have been identified in a previous version or a previous snapshot for the same aimed version, they may have been corrected. Some stuff that needed improvement may have been improved. Some new functions may have been added but are not considered as completed. It gives you a before-taster of the finished version.

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"no one tells you it is stable" : both versions of quota plugin are "Nuxeo certified" and marked as ready for production. The question is not about what is a snapshot but how they get to the marketplace

My bad, I was answering the question "what are the risks and benefits of taking the “SNAPSHOT way” ?" in its general meaning.


Looking at Nuxeo Drive for Nuxeo Platform 5.8, the following packages are available:

  • 1.2.4-SNAPSHOT Target platforms : cap-5.8, cap-5.8-HF*
  • 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT Target platforms : cap-5.8.0-HF*, cap-5.8
  • 1.2.3 Target platforms : cap-5.8.0-HF*, cap-5.8
  • 1.2.2-SNAPSHOT Target platforms : cap-5.8.0-HF*, cap-5.8
  • 1.2.2 Target platforms : cap-5.8.0-HF*, cap-5.8
  • 1.2.1-SNAPSHOT Target platforms : cap-5.8.0-HF07-SNAPSHOT, cap-5.8
  • 1.2.1 Target platforms : cap-5.8.0-HF06, cap-5.8
  • 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT Target platforms : cap-5.8
  • 1.2.0 Target platforms : cap-5.8

For production, you should use the latest release (not SNAPSHOT) from that 1.2.x generation: 1.2.3.

The question is not about what is a snapshot but how they get to the marketplace

The answer is the same: on every code change, a SNAPSHOT is generated and pushed to the Marketplace by the continuous integration if it passes through the tests.

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