Any release date estimation for Nuxeo Drive 1.0.8?


In the current state, the Marketplace has a 1.0.8-SNAPSHOT version of Nuxeo Drive that forces its installation each time a Hotfix or another update is applied. Because of this (and us not noticing the update at first), a lot of our users now have a 1.0.8-SNAPSHOT client, which we're unsure of the compatibility with the 1.0.7 release. Also, we recently started to have performance issues which might be related to this dev version of Drive.

So, could we have an estimation of when the next stable release of Drive will be out?


(EDIT: We're on Nuxeo 5.6)

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Not sure about the reason why the SNAPSHOT version is installed - will check with our MP specialist. About compatibility you shouldn't have any issue, though it is always better to use the version of the client included in the marketplace package corresponding to the Nuxeo hotfix version if it exists. Problem is that currently we don't systematically release such a version for a given hotfix, only on demand (but again there should be no compatibility issue as they're only hotfixes). I can release 1.0.8 based on last hotfix for 5.6 (HF31) if you need it, just tell me. Though I believe you might have the same problem with 1.0.9-SNAPSHOT…

For information, to solve this we plan to make Drive release process independant from marketplace packages with a dedicated update site and an auto-upgrade mechanism, see, but this will only be available for 5.9.3 / 5.9.4.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. The auto-upgrade of the client will be an awesome feature.

Now given the fact that Drive has its own versioning, I don't clearly get how things works: if a certain version of Drive is installed, but a hotfix patches it, how can I know exactly which version of Drive I have?

…Maybe it's why there are snapshots in Marketplace in the first place. If so, could we consider these snapshots stable then?



The nuxeo-drive server addon and desktop client are 2 separate things. The only link is in the nuxeo-drive marketplace package embedds the server addon + a given version of both clients for Windows and OS X.

The addon works like any other, the jars are in the version that is the target platform of the marketplace packaged installed. Typically if you install the nuxeo-drive 1.0.7 marketplace package, for which the target platform is 5.6.0-HF28, the nuxeo-drive jars will be in 5.6.0-HF28. Then if you apply a hotfix that contains a patch for Drive (this is not systematic), let's say for example 5.6.0-HF30, then one or more of the nuxeo-drive jars will be updated to a later HF version.

Applying a hotfix will never update the version of the desktop client embedded by the initial marketplace package and downloadable from the Home tab. That's why if ever we put in a hotfix a server-side patch that requires an update of the desktop client, we will release a new marketplace package targetting this hotfix and embedding the compliant desktop client version. Note that the version of the client is available in the About tab of Nuxeo Drive.

Hope this is clear, though I must admit this versioning stuff is quite complicated…

About having a SNAPSHOT version of the package installed when updating to a newer hotfix, this is a bug in the marketplace package system in 5.6. It has been fixed in 5.8.O-HF03 and 5.9.1, we will see if a backport in 5.6 is possible, you can watch the following JIRA issues: "Exclude SNAPSHOT packages from resolution if not relevant" (5.8.0-HF03, 5.9.1) "Non-SNAPSHOT Marketplace package install should not force other packages upgrade to SNAPSHOT version" (5.8.0-HF02, 5.9.1)

Note also this improvement: "Do not automatically perform available package upgrades"

A workaround is to check "Manual installation mode" when installing a hotfix, and only click "Manual download and install" for the packages you want ton install (hotfixes + eventually other packages in NON-SNAPSHOT versions).

Finally, yes the SNAPSHOT versions are stable, as they're tested and released by the continous integration system.

About the performance issue, if you have some more details I'm interested.

Hope this helps!


Ok it slowly starts to make sense ;) So the "actual Drive versioning" is linked to the hotfixes, and the 1.X.X versions are only linked to client updates. So the 1.0.8-SNAPSHOT version is just the 1.0.7 client packed with the latest hotfixes, confirming your saying that it's stable.

Regarding performance, we still have to pinpoint the problem, we'll make sure to get back to you if it's actually caused by Drive.

Thanks for your thorough answer!


More precisely, 1.x.y versions are released relying on a specific tag of the nuxeo-drive Github repository, typically 5.6.0-HF28 for instance, which is indicated as "Target platform" in the Marketplace site. The nuxeo-drive respository contains both the server part and the desktop client.

1.0.8-SNAPSHOT contains the latest version of both the server jar files and the desktop client built from the 5.6.0 branch, meaning: the 3 jar files in 5.6.0-HF32-SNAPSHOT, and the latest client builds from the 2 Jenkins jobs: and