nuxeo-data-table don't delete last item of list, why?


I have complex list and iterate and create with nuxeo-data-table, when I create item and save I haven't error then I delete item -> save, the item delete was successful, but when I try delete the last item, this not deleted. :'( I see the server.log, the htttp request (put) and can't see any errors, the request response status ok, but the properties has last item.

Any suggestion?

Regards! Gabo

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Maybe the list is not refreshed correctly in the front end. Can you please indicate the nuxeo server version ? You can run a nuxeoctl showconf in the bin folder to get more info.


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Hello Gregory,

In the front end after request put I refresh the document: _refresh: function() {


Result for showconf:


  • name: server
  • server: tomcat
  • version: 10.10
  • date: 201901220949
  • packaging: deb Packages:
  • nuxeo-csv (version: 1.7.3 - id: nuxeo-csv-1.7.3 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-dam (version: 6.4.3 - id: nuxeo-dam-6.4.3 - state: downloaded)
  • nuxeo-web-ui (version: 2.4.0 - id: nuxeo-web-ui-2.4.0 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-spreadsheet (version: 1.4.3 - id: nuxeo-spreadsheet-1.4.3 - state: downloaded)
  • nuxeo-showcase-content (version: 1.3.3 - id: nuxeo-showcase-content-1.3.3 - state: downloaded)
  • nuxeo-template-rendering (version: 6.8.3 - id: nuxeo-template-rendering-6.8.3 - state: started) Templates: Database template: postgresql Settings from nuxeo.conf: JAVA_OPTS=–illegal-access=permit -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dmail.mime.decodeparameters=true -Dnet.sf.ehcache.skipUpdateCheck=true -Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true -Djava.awt.headless=true -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/var/lib/nuxeo/server/conf/ -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/var/lib/nuxeo/server/conf/ -Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager audit.elasticsearch.enabled=true elasticsearch.client=RestClient elasticsearch.httpEnabled=true mail.debug=true nuxeo.bind.address= nuxeo.db.password= nuxeo.force.generation=true nuxeo.installer.installeduser=true nuxeo.installer.lastinstalledversion=10.10-01 nuxeo.installer.useautopg=false nuxeo.log.dir=/var/log/nuxeo nuxeo.notification.eMailSubjectPrefix="[Nuxeo]" nuxeo.server.ajp.port=0 nuxeo.server.http.port=8080 nuxeo.server.tomcat_admin.port=55084 nuxeo.templates=postgresql, nuxeo.wizard.done=true nuxeo.wizard.skippedpages=General org.nuxeo.runtime.reload_strategy=standby server.status.key=



Try to apply all hotfixes (nuxeoctl mp-hotfix)