Nuxeo leveraging other system's data: How to build a dynamic report

Hello all,

I am currently evaluating Nuxeo platform and my objective is to understand if it fits inside the ecosystem or not.

I have two fundamental requirements that are:

1)  As a content manager, I want to create a template (report template) and fill this template with data from an external system (list of products via REST request). 

Question: a) is it possible to implement such thing in Nuxeo? I.e., is it possible to implement a way for registering a document type that is a report of a products list from another system accessible via REST, leverage this data and create a PDF out of it? This template can be very complicated, with a table and columns with rowspans and everything.

2)  As a content creator, I want to create a flyer template in Adobe Indesign that will be used to create a flyers with different fills from different products.
    As a content creator, I want to render a flyer based on a created flyer template and reedit it on Adobe Indesign for final adjustments. 
    As a content creator, I want to export the flyer created to a .pdf file. 

Question: b) is it possible to use Adobe InDesign files to fill data from Nuxeo? (Here, nuxeo retrieves data from the external system and fills the Adobe Indesign template with this data)

Best Regards, Carlos G.

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So yes, you can answer this use case with Nuxeo. Obviously, this is not all “out-of-the-box”, and it requires some configuration.

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Hello Carlos,

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See my next answer. I missed the right field to enter a comment and put it on the answer.

Thanks for the answer, Gregory.

However, even reading the documentation, I do not find the :“yes, you can create a template in adobe indesign by following a specific markup language and you can automate something so it retrieves data from an external source via REST and builds a report in pdf (a rendered file)” answer.

I am very new to the platform and I know I should research more. However, I have a focus on this specific question/answer right now (cause this is what will bring value in this moment) and would love a simple answer of “yes, you can do it/no, you can't do it”. I really don't need how to do it right now (I will need later if it is possible). I just need to know if it can be done or not.

Thanks for the comprehension.

Best Regards, Carlos G.

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