Redirect users based on the group membership to different locations

All, The customer I am working with would like to redirect users based on the group membership to different locations. For example:

  1. the users in “memebers” group or no group membership would be redirected to “contact your admin” custom page in Nuxeo.
  2. the “administrators” would be redirected to default WEB UI location
  3. all other groups would be redirected to another URL (custom UI built for nuxeo)

System specifics:

  • Cloud hosted
  • Version 9.10 with the latest HF-13
  • Mongo DB
  • Okta authentication (Nuxeo local authorization)
  • custom UI for general users and WebUI for Admins

I believe thie feature request is similar to the one requested in 2013 here:

Per updated in 2010, In order to have custom startup page, we currently need to override the StartupHelper class.

Nuxeo has changed significantly since 2010. Is overriding the StartupHelper class still the best way to implement the requested feature? I am looking for a solution that ideally can be configured in Studio or via nuxeo conf file.

Thank you!

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It looks like this is the best answer available so far:

It should work for JSF, but might not work for WebUI. Needs to be validated.

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