Why does Nuxeo send 303 See Other after API deletes, where the target returns 500 Server Error?


We received many spurious alerts in our monitoring system; it turns out that the HTTP client in use to access Nuxeo's REST APIs was following redirects.

It seems that after something like DELETE /nuxeo/api/v1/path/docpath, Nuxeo responds with a redirect to /nuxeo/api/v1. However, if one does a GET on this redirect, the result is a 500 error. One can see this on Nuxeo's own demo server by attempting to access http://cmis.demo.nuxeo.org/nuxeo/api/v1

Is this a small bug in Nuxeo's implementation of POST/DELETE type operations, or is this being done for a good reason? It seems to me that if no meaningful status URL can be returned in a See Other response, then something like 204 No Content is more appropriate.

Thanks, Steve

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Yes it's a bug. I opened NXP-17701 to track this.

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