Is it possible for a SQL group to have both SQL and LDAP subGroups using MultiDirectory?

I have a group MultiDirectory with a SQL source and an LDAP source. Is it possible to define an LDAP group as a subGroup of a SQL group? If so, would you show how to configure the MultiDirectory, the SQL directory, and the LDAP directory to achieve this capability. Of course, the SQL directory should support SQL subGroups as well as LDAP subGroups.

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It might be possible to configure the subGroup and the parentGroup fields of the SQLDirectory to resolve TableReference instances that point to the top-level group directory implemented by the MultiDirectory class. I am not sure anyone tried such a setup though.

The subGroup LDAPReference for the LDAPDirectory should mandatory point to it-self: that means that LDAP groups will only have LDAP subgroups. The parentGroup reference of the LDAPDirectory can be implemented with a inverse reference pointing to the subGroup field of the same directory.

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Hi Olivier,

Thanks for prompt response. I was able to get this working w/your help.