Does the "Domains on default server" page check for HiddenInNavigation facet?

I've added the HiddenInNavigation facet to a domain. The “Domains on default server” page still lists the domain that I've hidden. Is this the intended behavior or a bug?

NOTE: The bread crumbs do not allow me to select the hidden domain.

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It appears the view the displays the list of domains does not check for HiddenInNavigation like many of the other views. Is this a bug or the expected behavior? For example, should I be able to hide the default-domain by assigning it the HiddenInNavigation facet?

Did you try ti restart the server, maybe the facet is resolved at the creation time or the start time…

For efficiency reasons, HiddenInNavigation is a special facet that's only checked on types, not per-instance, by the query engine (and therefore content views). See NXQLQueryMaker:

 * These mixins never match an instance mixin when used in a clause
 * ecm:mixinType = 'foo'
protected static final Set<String> MIXINS_NOT_PER_INSTANCE = new HashSet<String>(
        Arrays.asList(FacetNames.FOLDERISH, FacetNames.HIDDEN_IN_NAVIGATION));
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