use many types in nuxeo-scan-importer

I'm using nuxeo-scan-importer to import documents using XML files, i've tried it with one type, now i want to be able map many type of document but i don't know how to indicates that those XML files correspond to this type of document. Any suggestions ? I’ve attached my scan-importer-config.xml file.

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Hello ITShine !

In your configuration file, you have those lines:

  Or a dynamic one by defining a class that implements the DocumentTypeMapper interface


You chose to use a static value for the document/leaf type (plan) with the targetLeafType attribute. But you could have chosen a dynamic value with the targetLeafTypeMapper attribute: in this case, as indicated in the above comment, you have to specify a class that implements the DocumentTypeMapper interface => that's what you need to do to “use many types” with the Scan importer.


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It's working now, thank you