Nuxeo Studio - XSD file import fails silently if the schema contains unsupported XML schema elements

I spent quite a lot of time on troubleshooting XSD schema import failure. It turns out that if an imported schema contains unsupported features like token type or choice compositor, the creation of a schema in Nuxeo Studio will fail without any error message. This bug was quite difficult to find, because my imported schema file was pretty large (about a thousand lines in total) and many things can go wrong in schema definition files. It'd be good to have an error message spiecifying that the reason for failure is an unspuported XSD feature. I also think that unimplemented XSD features should be documented. I also noticed a problem with evaluating a <xsd:totalDigits value="14"/> restriction on xs:int basic type during creation of the schema from XSD file. Nuxeo Studio shows constraints for such an element as minimum=-2147483648 and maximum=2147483647. It is clear that the restriction is evaluated as an 32-bit integer, but XSD xs:int basic type maps to 64-bit long. I don't have a JIRA account, so maybe another poster could submit a bug ticket.

Best, Michal

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