How to add an textfield with texteditor in the edit layout of the file type: 'file'.

Just like u have when u create a note, there is a big screen to enter your text, with a text editor included. Is there a way to create this for a input field on a document type: file.

Standard u have a description field voor de type file, i would like to make it possible to create a text editor for that field. And other fields where u have to enter a few lines of text.

Is this possible?

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Yes it's possible using the right widget for the string field. If you use Nuxeo Studio, when you drop the string metadata on the edit layout, you can choose which type of widget (text field, text area, secret..) you want to use: you can choose HTML text, and then you will be able to edit it like for a note.


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Thnx, i have tested it and works great!