Select some specific plugin for file import / set options


I developed a plugin for file import and would now like to let the user select some import options.

By overriding create_file.xhtml (import dialog box), I can let the user select these options. Now, is there a way to pass this information to the plugin through the FileManagActionsBean (or, if that is not possible, to force a given File importer)?



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Maybe you can extend the DefaultFileImporter, override create, and then register your new import class in the FileManagerService/plugins extension point; setting the order=“1” and the default filter as .* (so that all imports travel through your custom importer.

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I get my file importer to work when expected, but I'd like to let the user choose among a few options in the case the file type corresponds. The problem is to retrieve the values from the web page, it seems that I need a bean… and I have trouble deploying my bean so that it can be retrieved by Seam…