Which Nuxeo binaries storage option in AWS: S3 or Elastic File System?

We have been hosting Nuxeo repositories in AWS successfully for quite some time with the S3 binaries manager Marketplace package. Now the AWS Elastic File System is out of beta, which lets us mount volumes in a “shared” manner, like a conventional data center storage deployment.

My question is: which approach should we favor for Nuxeo binaries storage? Should we continue to use the S3 plugin or should we use an Elastic File System mount? Are there any tradeoffs or considerations specific to Nuxeo's implementation that we should be aware of?


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Storing binaries in S3 allows binaries to be downloaded directly from S3, see the “Download From S3 Options” paragraph of https://doc.nuxeo.com/display/NXDOC/Amazon+S3+Online+Storage. It also allows you to have various encryption options.

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