Possible to modify the import file dialog box?


I would like to apply a specific treatment to some kinds of files when imported. But this treatment is optional, and the user should choose whether to apply it or not.

Thus, i would like to add 1-2 checkboxe(s) in the dialog box where the user chooses the files to import.

Is that possible, and where could I find documentation about how to do that?

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Hi, I found the definition of the dialog box: nuxeo.war/create_file.xhtml…

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Please us comment for comment and answers for answers. Can you modify your answer to let it an answer to your question. Thanks a lot for the community.

Now, I'm asking myself:

  • is this actually a good idea, knowing that the create_file.xhtml might be updated by Nuxeo?
  • if so, where can I place the default file, so as to replace it on uninstall?