Does Nuxeo DM have any filename enforcment features?

We are currently looking for a DMS Solution, but one of our deal breakers is file name enforcement to the point that when a user uploads a file, a dialog should ask them for the variable information of the file name on a folder/directory basis.

An example:

User uploads a pdf to the /root/Accounting/Invoices/ folder, a dialog would then ask the user for an invoice number, and the date on which the invoice was paid. The system will then generate the file name based on the information entered in the dialog that will conform to our company policy.

Can Nuxeo DM do this?

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This is typically something that can be done with Nuxeo. The easiest way to do that is using Nuxeo Studio ( You'll find some tutorials behind this link, and webinars are scheduled each week on Nuxeo Studio.

Here is some example.

We also released Nuxeo IDE, based on Eclipse, which will offer really easy ways to do what you are looking for. I let you look this documentation.

And you can follow some training session, if you want some help. I let you see that in our website.

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