Icon tip (mouse over) translation

When the interface is in French, in a list (like in a Workspace or Folder), if I hover over an item icon, I see the English version of the tip.

If I look at the produced html, the img tag contain the alt=“Folder” and title=“Folder” attributes.

For the document-type we created, we see a translated version.

Shouldn't we also see a translated version for the Main document-types? I checked and the values are present in the messages_fr.properties file.

Any ideas?

Affected types :

  • File : Fichier
  • Picture : Image
  • Folder : Dossier
  • Picturebook : Livre d'image
  • Workspace : Espace de travail
  • Ordered folder : Dossier ordonné
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Waiting the correction You can create your own Content View with studio and create a template type widget that will displays the icon. This template will reuse the default template used for displaying the icon but for the alt value will use the #{messages[document.type]} and add keys into the message property into studio (Resources > I18n Files).

If I'm right here is the xhtml fragment used to display icon:

<f:subview id="#{widget.id}"
<c:if test="#{nxl:isLikePlainMode(widget.mode)}">#{field_2}</c:if>
<c:if test="#{nxl:isLikeViewMode(widget.mode)}">

  <div id="docRefTarget:#{field_1}"
    class="#{nxu:test(field_3, 'nxDropTarget', '')}">
    <div id="docRef:#{field_1}"
      class="cell popupTarget dropout nxDraggable"
        value="#{nxd:iconPath(field_0)}" alt="#{field_2}" title="#{field_2}"
        rendered="#{!empty nxd:iconPath(field_0)}"
        styleClass="smallIcon" />
<c:if test="#{widget.mode == 'pdf'}">
      value="#{nxd:iconPath(field_0)}" alt="#{field_2}" title="#{field_2}"
      rendered="#{!empty nxd:iconPath(field_0)}"
      styleClass="smallIcon" />

So replace alt=“#{field_2}” by alt=“#{messages[field_2]}“.

About widget configuration you have to bind the fields like in this order:


Or you wait for the fix :D

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Thanks, I'll try that as soon as possible.

Yes, this would be better. What's your question (this site is for questions)?

If you have a bug report (which this seems to be), please do it in http://jira.nuxeo.com/

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Bug open into the client's account.

I guess the question was "Any ideas on how to fix it or diagnose the source of the problem?"


Can you copy the jira issue link here ?

This trouble has been fixed into the 5.5.0-HF07 and back ported into nuxeo 5.6