Searching user does not hit any user.

Hi, I'm using DM 5.5 on Windows 2003. I've registered 200 users more but searching users with % (wild card), it does not hit any users. Serching with additional condition such as a% somethinf , it returns given users.

Is this a BUG?

Thanks takashi

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This is probably because there are too many results. There should be “Please narrow your search” displayed as regular text under the search field. Is it the case?

The message is really not visible, so I created NXP-9600 to improve that.

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I am not sure about this specific behavior with your system configuration, but assuming that you are talking about the UI (Admin Center>Users & Groups), could you please test it using '*' (asterisk) instead of '%' (the percentage sign) for the search with no additional conditions?

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Hi, Wojciech. I got the same using * instead of %.

Anyway thank you for your reply.