Customize EasyShare Pages?

We have some use-cases that the EasyShare package seems suited for, but we need to customize the default look so that it is branded for our company (instead of for Nuxeo). Has anyone done this? It honestly seems like a feature that should be built in to the package, but we haven't figured out how to customize this yet. I'm sure this might be straight-forward, but we are currently mostly Studio users so any guidance would be appreciated in this.

For the most part we just need to change the logo, and remove the background image (obviously adjusting the CSS and linking to new graphics files) Example of the default attached.

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I was able to get this to work with some additions to our custom package. I was limited to only being able to make modifications to the nuxeo-easyshare-override.css file, but it worked for our needs at this time.

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Hi Phil,

You cannot edit it from Studio, you need to create a custom package. I've tracked your feedback on our Product roadmap as this is the kind of configuration which should be able to do in Studio.


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Thanks for adding my feedback to the product roadmap. Even getting EasyShare up and going in Studio wasn't as straightforward as I would have imagined, so improvements there would be good. We had to add an XML extension to see EasyShare folders in the creation windows (since we had overwritten the Folder and Workspace doctypes to limit children and update icons), and we also had to make some modifications to the share action since we also currently use PCLM and had the default share disabled. We do have all of that working now, just need to rebrand the UI. We aren't opposed to doing work in a custom package—we already have one with minimal code. We just haven't had to do an override for UI elements in a custom package so I need to figure that out.