How do I remove a custom automation operation from nuxeo and studio?

It seems I have lost the ability to update my custom automation operations. I get the error in the log below. POPBESState is an operation that was generated via the IDE and now will not update.

I've tryed deleting the Studio bundle from the running image booting the image without the studio bundle then updating the imaging in each case the error remains.

Ultimately I'd like to remove the “old” custom automation operation and generating a new set of operations for a fresh start, but I cannot seem to even update the custom operations now.

Here is the error I get when I try to update from the IDE:

ERROR [org.nuxeo.runtime.model.impl.RegistrationInfoImpl] Failed to unregister extension. Contributor: RegistrationInfo: service:org. zaxis.bes.statestack.PopBESState to service:org.nuxeo.ecm.core.operation.OperationServiceComponent; xpoint: operations

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Can you try to do:

  • Nuxeo Perspective > Nuxeo Studio View > Export Operation ()
  • Select the target Nuxeo Studio Project: You project Name
  • Check the IDE project
  • Next / Finish

If you want to keep your current IDE project

Or if you want to start from scratch

  • Nuxeo Perspective > Nuxeo Server View > Select projects to deploy on server
  • Uncheck you deployment configuration
  • Create your New Nuxeo project
  • And create a new deployment configuration in your server

Hope this will help.

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What about Studio? Will removing the JSON spec from the Studio registries remove the "old" operation completely from Studio?

The steps above work for Nuxeo.

Thanks Ben


In studio:

  • Go to "Settings & Versioning" > Application Templates > Nuxeo DM Default configuration [EASY]
  • Click on "Import this package"


  • Go to "Settings & Versioning" > Versioning > Changes
  • Click on "Initial commit" (if you project is not too old)
  • Click on revert

You will loose all your commit after the last tag/release. So be careful of what you do.


Thanks, again