Nuxeo configuration Branching in Agile Dev Environment

Hi, I'm evaluating the Nuxeo platform for use as an ECM for a customer. We are actively developing a larger system using the concept of Agile Development and Releases. For this purpose, I need to understand if there is a way to have multiple versions of the studio configuration in development at the same time to support concurrent Maintenance branches.

The areas where this could be required would be if there are multiple user stories involving document type and workflow / Automation chain modifications

Thanks, Vaibhav

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Currently, you can “tag” a configuration. You can revert to that tag. That way you can have a configuration for maintenance and for dev. But with this there is no merging actions. We have made all the user stories regarding managing branches for studio: a working directory for the user, then some branches to which you can push your modifications , etc … This need to be implemented. As it is a complex work, this will come later, in 2014. But this is definitively our direction.

You also talk about working multiple persons at the same time on Studio: for this, we implemented a “live locking” system, that enables to lock a feature when you work on it and release it when you go to another feature on your project, and display to other users the information of who is locking the feature (and even ability to force stealing the lock). This option can be activated by your sales contact.

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Thanks. This is useful information.

Regards, Vaibhav