My Nuxeo 5.8 not using Select2 widgets

I thought that since 5.8 Nuxeo would be using Select2 widgets, but as it appears, this not the case (to me at least). In my instance suggestion widgets are still based on RichFaces, Select2 (as previously stated) is not used anywhere … Is it normal? And how can I use Select2 in my suggestion widgets? :

local instance :

local instance

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Yes, you should have select2-based widgets in 5.8. It is more likely you have overridden some xhtml templates in your bundles. Check them out:

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Ok, that was the case, the templates content was different. I replaced those widgets with the originals, but nothing changed (I replaced widget templates inside the responisble bundle). So, what can I do?

And by the way, the content is altered even in the "" version, I thought there was a problem with the hotfixes …

If you override some nuxeo xhtml templates in your own bundles, then the fix on these templates provided in HF won't just apply. That's why you must be all aware of what you override. Just remove the overwriting files from your bundles and let the ones from the 5.8 distribution play..

Thank You! It was just that! For some unknown reason someone had uploaded the previous version widgets in studio … that's why they were getting overridden!